Sunday, 29 August 2010

I found an elf!

Over the weekend, Little Bean, Little Bean's Daddy and I were out exploring the woods, when we discovered an elf in the undergrowth! Little Bean was more excited about a stick we had found earlier, so the little elf climbed into my pocket!

I found the idea for the elf after looking through some 'Etsy' shops, they looked so cute. It gave me the ideal opportunity to try needle felting again, in a different way, creating the felt clothes for the wooden head and body. I think I may make a smaller one next and make him or her a little felt leaf home to sleep in! Possibly some little red elves may appear around Christmas time too, to join in the celebrations!

I have to confess, I really got a little bit carried away with taking photographs of our elf in amongst the flora and fauna (whilst Little Bean ran around whacking things with his stick!) it was so much fun!

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