Saturday, 14 August 2010

Here we go gathering pine cones in August?!...

Things have been hectic as I am back at work though Little Bean is settling into his new routines, however by evening we are both shattered, so we are pretty early at settling down to snooze! Urm, apologies, this relatively new blog has fallen by the wayside, at least during the week! But Little Bean comes first and foremost and I need my beauty sleep! ;)

Therefore I thought I would share some photographs from last weekend. We went to the woods to gather pine cones to make Christmas decorations, I know it seems insane to think of Christmas in August! Autumn is on it's way to Northern Finland though, the mornings are cooler and mushrooms can be found, together with blueberries ready to pick (next on my list of things to do!). Once the frost and snow sets in, the pine cones are very difficult to find.

Little Bean was so happy to be gathering the pine cones, he was squealing with delight as he wandered about :) The basket of pine cones are now out in the porch to give any little insects time to move out before Little Bean becomes a creative whirlwind!

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