Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wind socks

Whilst walking back from lunch with a group of children at work. One of the children commented on the wind and where it was coming from; which direction. This led to a conversation about the weather forecasts, weather stations and wind socks. So I decided to make a wind sock to show the children, which led to them making their own. We did not have the resources to make an outdoor one at this stage, so we made a decorative one, to hang inside, near a door or window (the photo shows a work in progress, I have yet to take a picture of the finished product!).

One thing that concerned me, was that the group of children I have this year, copied my windsock identically, including the colour and construction. This is something I wish to change, creativity and ingenuity is important. Copying something a teacher has made exactly does not promote this, I wish for the children to try things out, use their imagination, apply their knowledge and skills. (This is not to say never, there are times when I model something for the children to learn a new skill) It will be a gradual process over the year, with lots of encouragement.

Next, we hope to make an outdoor windsock, from material and ribbons, bright and cheerful :)

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