Saturday, 21 August 2010

Welcome weeks at work....

For the first couple of Pre-School weeks, I like to have some activities planned to get to know the children alongside introducing them to their new environment. I have compiled my list of activity ideas here:

• Sequencing the daily routine pictorially (I take photographs over the first few days)
• Discussing hobbies and interests as a group or in pairs
• Making their name using dough (if required I make name cards)
• Playing the name game, identifying their names and where appropriate their friends names
• Clapping the syllables in their name
• Discussing their summer holiday
• Agreeing values and behaviour within the group (we write this down and the children sign a contract!)
• Playing getting to know you games, for example, favourite foods, members of the family
• Exploring body and facial expressions through drama (this can lead to mask making)
• Meeting challenges, for example, tying their shoe laces
• Learning the actions to ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’, for example, this is the way we clean our teeth
• Making hand and footprint patterns with paint
• Playing follow my leader
• Creating pictorial graphs, for example of hair colour
• Making symmetrical faces
• Exploring their height and that of others in the group
• Using their bodies to count, for example the number of eyes in their group
• Matching actions to a given number, for example, jump five times on the spot
• Making signs for use within the room
• Finger painting, looking at different finger prints
• Painting self portraits or their friends portrait
• Using their body as an instrument to make sounds
• Exploring sounds within the building and the local area, a sound hunt
• Drawing how they get to daycare in the morning
• Creating their own rag rug

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone uses this activity plan if they could refer back to this blog, thanks :)

Once I know the children these plans are based on their interests and what they wish to learn over the year, for example, last year one child wished to find out about how electricity works and another wished to learn to sew a skirt. These I developed into monthly (though the time is only loosely based) activity plans based on Houses & Homes and Clothing.

Keeping it short and to give you some ideas!

* For electricity we explored the daycare for electrical items and discussed safety. We made electrical circuits and fitted different sized batteries into different objects.....

* For sewing we used threading cards and practiced threading a needle, sorting buttons then sewing them , we explored different types of material and their uses....

I take each child as an individual and create a progression of activiities, which others are welcome to participate in. Frequently when I have worked in other places, I observed teachers fail to present the groundwork to children, expecting them to achieve without the necessary development of skills. Taking small steps is important and taking into consideration the child's learning style is vital. I can't wait to see what the children are keen to learn about this year.

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