Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fresh air, sand cakes and rain songs

Little Bean is back to his bright and bubbly self :) so we headed out into the fresh air, to wash away the last of the chicken pox! We had a great time making sand cakes and standing on the wooden steps in the sandpit singing "Rain, rain, go away, come again another day" whilst stamping our feet! (The park was empty, so no one else was subjected to my tuneless singing!) We then marched around the sand pit singing the song "I hear thunder" with all the actions!

'I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
Hark don't you? Hark don't you? (raise hands with each line to cup hear, as if listening)
Pitter-patter raindrops, pitter-patter raindrops (wiggle fingers to indicate rain falling)
I'm wet through (shake the front of your clothing as if wet)
So are you! (Point at someone else)

Little Bean loves to sing rain songs at home now, at the top of his voice, his song words vary each time but usually go something like this " all the people, the rain, the people, in the rain, the people....!"

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